Wecome to Etching Hill!

Etching Hill is the best golf course in the state of Colorado. We may be small at only 55 acres but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to provide a top notch experience. Tucked away in the foothills of Parker, Colorado, Etching Hill is a favorite of many professionals and amateurs alike. We offer a less crowded and so often slower pace for those who are looking to really work on technique or just want to relax.

Come enjoy our course!


January’s Most Improved Player- Eva Franklin

Eva Franklin is Etching Hill’s January most improved player! Eva is a resident of Castle Rock where she works as a part time interior decorator. Eva lives with her husband and three teenage children. Golf is something that the entire Franklin family does together and they try to get everyone out on the course at least once month. Eva said, “We try to make a friendly competition out of it. Usually, the winner gets to decide where we go to eat that evening.”

While Eva’s husband has been a lifelong golfer, Eva herself only took club in hand less than 3 months ago. “Its something I always wanted to try but never had the time. I worked retail for many years and the hours are very demanding. Within this last year I started my own home decorating service and am only working part time. Golf seemed like a great thing to do with my time” says Eva. Since starting, Eva has improved her game dramatically through her consistent practice. Even during bad weather!


Etching Hill has lessons and coaching for all levels. Last week’s player of the month was also a complete novice and is now planning on competing a local amateur tournament. Our coaches get results! While Eva Franklin isn’t planning on competing soon she is still well on her way to being competitive. Let’s just say she has gotten to pick the after game restaurant more than a few times!

For more information on Etching Hill coaching email us at etchinghillgolf@mail.com with a subject line of “lessons” or call us at 303-555-0119. When you call or email mention Eva Franklin, our house decorator turned golfer or any of our previous monthly players you get a 15% discount off your first lesson.


December’s Most Improved Player- Julie Hong

julie hong on a putt putt course in castle rock to practice putting
Julie Hong practicing on a putt-putt course in Castle Rock.

Julie Hong is Etching Hill’s December most improved player! Julie is a resident of Castle Rock Colorado where she cleans homes and offices for a lliving. Mrs. Hong wanted to get better at golf so she could join her husband out on the course. She tried to join her husband, Brian Hong, but found that she was just slowing the game down! Julie has been taking lessons at Etching Hill for around 6 months and really hit her stride towards the end of January when her coach, Dan Timbers, gave her some somewhat unconventional advice. Coach Timbers told Julie to skip Etching Hill for two weeks and instead to focus strictly on her short game by playing putt-putt golf! Coach T explains his unusual advice, “Mrs. Hong naturally has a great long game but you really can’t enjoy this game unless you feel confident in both the short and long games. Julie just wasn’t confident and wasn’t able to follow through with the great drives she would deliver. Believe it or not, putt-putt was the answer.”

Julie was happy for the change of pace but after a week she was ready to come back to Etching Hill. Julie golfed her first sub-90 score at Etching Hill just before this December’s snow. Mrs. Hong had this to say about her success, “My goal is, and always has been, to beat my husband,” she said with a laugh.

Etching Hill has lessons and coaching for all levels. Mrs. Hong works long hours for a Castle Rock house cleaning service (click here to go to their website) where she acts as a supervisor. Mrs. Hong said she was worried she wouldn’t have time for lessons. She is required to inspect the work of all other house cleaners to ensure quality. “Not only do I have be on the road quite a bit but I also have to be on my feet for long hours scrubbing floors or washing windows. I was worried that I wouldn’t be up for golfing after all that! Etching Hill was able to work around my schedule so I was actually able to practice my swing between house cleaning!”

For more information on Etching Hill coaching email us at etchinghillgolf@mail.com with a subject line of “lessons” or call us at 303-555-0119. When you call or email mention Julie Hong the house cleaner and get a 15% discount off your first lesson!


5 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game During The Winter Season

Colorado winter golfingWhen it comes to golf, consistency is everything. To master this sport you have to play regularly, otherwise, it isn’t if you will lose your game but when. That is why many golfers continue to practice during winter. In the icy Colorado winter, most golf courses are unavailable, which is why the most committed and creative players have come up with other options. So, if you don’t want to lose your touch over the winter, here are a few tips you might find helpful:

1. Visit indoor ranges. Nothing will keep you in a better shape than actually hitting the ball. Most cities have indoor golf ranges and during the winter they are packed with golf enthusiasts. Just as any other physical activity, golf playing requires the use of muscle memory. What better way to train that memory than practicing? An indoor range is the next best thing to an outdoor golf course.

2. Don’t forget to stay in shape. Core strength and lower body strength is critical. In order to master the golf game, you must be the proud owner of impeccable balance and power. Training your core and glutes is the best way to achieve that. If you don’t actually play because of the winter conditions, you might as well hit the gym. There is no another way around it.

3. Try a simulator ‘Oh technology, many are thy blessings!’ Jokes aside, simulators are renowned tools to help golf players improve their game. While they are useful all year round, they are even more helpful in the winter. They simulate everything that happens outdoors, from the speed of your club to trajectory and spin axis. You could improve your swing if you receive feedback from a computer. Computers are usually right, so you should give it a try.

4. Practice chipping and putting on a carpet. That is an aspect of which you must take care. You either succeed or fail at it, so you would do better to practice it off-season. The easiest way is to do it in the comfort of your home, on a carpet. The texture of a rug is similar to the golf course green, so it will help you preserve your touch. It would be a shame to have a great game only to fail at putting.

5. Enhance your golf IQ. I don’t know if you find that silly, but many good players do that. You can watch a golf channel. Doing so might teach you some tips and tricks, hacks, or advice from pro players. It works with other sports, so why wouldn’t it work on golf? The thing you need to remember about golf is that it is a mind game just as it is physical. If you keep your mind submerged in golf during the winter, you will be able to maintain your game easier.

Fortunately, people can be very ingenious, and they find a solution for every problem they come across. No true golfer will ever stop playing the game just because it’s winter. Quite the contrary. He will find ways to improve over the off-season in order to be a better player when the season starts. There are many ways to do so. The ones above are just a few of them.

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