5 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game During The Winter Season

Colorado winter golfingWhen it comes to golf, consistency is everything. To master this sport you have to play regularly, otherwise, it isn’t if you will lose your game but when. That is why many golfers continue to practice during winter. In the icy Colorado winter, most golf courses are unavailable, which is why the most committed and creative players have come up with other options. So, if you don’t want to lose your touch over the winter, here are a few tips you might find helpful:

1. Visit indoor ranges. Nothing will keep you in a better shape than actually hitting the ball. Most cities have indoor golf ranges and during the winter they are packed with golf enthusiasts. Just as any other physical activity, golf playing requires the use of muscle memory. What better way to train that memory than practicing? An indoor range is the next best thing to an outdoor golf course.

2. Don’t forget to stay in shape. Core strength and lower body strength is critical. In order to master the golf game, you must be the proud owner of impeccable balance and power. Training your core and glutes is the best way to achieve that. If you don’t actually play because of the winter conditions, you might as well hit the gym. There is no another way around it.

3. Try a simulator ‘Oh technology, many are thy blessings!’ Jokes aside, simulators are renowned tools to help golf players improve their game. While they are useful all year round, they are even more helpful in the winter. They simulate everything that happens outdoors, from the speed of your club to trajectory and spin axis. You could improve your swing if you receive feedback from a computer. Computers are usually right, so you should give it a try.

4. Practice chipping and putting on a carpet. That is an aspect of which you must take care. You either succeed or fail at it, so you would do better to practice it off-season. The easiest way is to do it in the comfort of your home, on a carpet. The texture of a rug is similar to the golf course green, so it will help you preserve your touch. It would be a shame to have a great game only to fail at putting.

5. Enhance your golf IQ. I don’t know if you find that silly, but many good players do that. You can watch a golf channel. Doing so might teach you some tips and tricks, hacks, or advice from pro players. It works with other sports, so why wouldn’t it work on golf? The thing you need to remember about golf is that it is a mind game just as it is physical. If you keep your mind submerged in golf during the winter, you will be able to maintain your game easier.

Fortunately, people can be very ingenious, and they find a solution for every problem they come across. No true golfer will ever stop playing the game just because it’s winter. Quite the contrary. He will find ways to improve over the off-season in order to be a better player when the season starts. There are many ways to do so. The ones above are just a few of them.

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