January’s Most Improved Player- Eva Franklin

Eva Franklin is Etching Hill’s January most improved player! Eva is a resident of Castle Rock where she works as a part time interior decorator. Eva lives with her husband and three teenage children. Golf is something that the entire Franklin family does together and they try to get everyone out on the course at least once month. Eva said, “We try to make a friendly competition out of it. Usually, the winner gets to decide where we go to eat that evening.”

While Eva’s husband has been a lifelong golfer, Eva herself only took club in hand less than 3 months ago. “Its something I always wanted to try but never had the time. I worked retail for many years and the hours are very demanding. Within this last year I started my own home decorating service and am only working part time. Golf seemed like a great thing to do with my time” says Eva. Since starting, Eva has improved her game dramatically through her consistent practice. Even during bad weather!


Etching Hill has lessons and coaching for all levels. Last week’s player of the month was also a complete novice and is now planning on competing a local amateur tournament. Our coaches get results! While Eva Franklin isn’t planning on competing soon she is still well on her way to being competitive. Let’s just say she has gotten to pick the after game restaurant more than a few times!

For more information on Etching Hill coaching email us at etchinghillgolf@mail.com with a subject line of “lessons” or call us at 303-555-0119. When you call or email mention Eva Franklin, our house decorator turned golfer or any of our previous monthly players you get a 15% discount off your first lesson.