Golf is a sport that requires constant practicing. One of the most important aspects of the game is consistency, which is why Etching Hill Golf Course in Parker, Colorado is the ideal place for you to keep your touch. But practicing isn’t enough- you need to have perfect practice! That’s Etching Hill has a coaching program for any player at any skill level.

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Etching Hill has a high standard with any endeavor and our coaching programs are no different. All coaches, from beginner level to advanced, have competed on the national level at some point in their competitive career. Currently, there are two coaches for beginners, one coach for intermediate level and one coach for the advanced player.

Modern Coaching Techniques- Etching Hill is proud to have one of the most modern approaches to improving your game. Not only do we stay up to date with advanced learning theory, we also utilize modern simulation technology. No, we aren’t talking Wii golf here but something a bit more advanced. A player, together with the coach, will play the game using a computer that will mime the conditions on the course. The device is capable of imitating everything from wind speed to spin axis and trajectory. When the player finishes the game, the computer will provide feedback. The coach will use the information provided for the benefit of the player. It’s a sort of ‘man meets technology’ coaching strategy.
Although many players are skeptical of using the simulator, statistics show that those who use it together with a coach have an improvement of at least 17%.

Our coaches constantly say they can’t express the importance of putting enough. Etching Hill treats this step as seriously as possible. Putting is one of the most crucial moments in golf, which is why coaches insist on practicing it as many times as a player can. It would be a shame if a player has a good game only to fail at putting, which is why Etching Hill Golf Course provides five putting labs. We also aren’t afraid to utilize more unique approaches to improving your putt. In fact, one our coaches, took a house cleaner from Castle Rock and made her into a force to reconed with- she’s our December player of the month!

Free Consultation- Because we know that our coaches are the best in the business we are comfortable offering any players a free consultation. That means, we will have one of our coaches work with you for one hour, give you feedback and it will cost you nothing. Call, email or drop by today to get scheduled!