The History of Etching Hill Golf Course

Behind every successful business, there is a story. Behind every story, there is a man (or woman) with a dream. The Etching Hill Golf Course is no exception. It all started 30 years ago with a boy named William Luger.


William Luger, or simply Bill as we call him, was born in Castle Rock, Colorado to a young, low-income couple. He didn’t have much growing up, but at the age of 15, he discovered his passion for golf through his uncle who lived in Denver. His uncle gave him a couple old clubs and set young Bill free. He was focused on improving his game. First he just went to the foothills of Castle Rock and hit balls far out into the distance. He couldn’t afford golf course access unless his uncle was visiting, but he was determined to practice. He was convinced that he would become a great player someday, maybe even a champion. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very good at it- and it wasn’t just because he didn’t have a proper course to play on. However, that didn’t make him lose the love of golf. When he was 17, Bill got a job at the local pro-shop which came with one very important benefit- full access to the course!

Bill confirmed his love of golf but even more the love of the course!

For the next eight years, he worked hard to achieve his most aching dream: to build a golf course. He wanted to share his passion for the game not only for his friends in Castle Rock but with the entire state! He didn’t find the perfect spot in Castle Rock, but he did find a lovely place in Parker. Unfortunately, all he could afford at the time was 10 acres. It wasn’t enough, but that didn’t make him give up on his dream.

William Luger dreamed stalled for almost 14 years. Life caught up with him, and he had to rally. He continued to work as a golf coach and merchandise vendor but he always had the dream of his own course on his mind.

Luger knew he couldn’t do it by himself, so he looked for investors in Castle Rock, as well as in Parker. He was a golf enthusiast with a vision, so he persuaded just enough people to support his dream. As a result, in late 2012, at the age of 37, William Luger was opening Etching Hill Golf Course. His dream came true.

While there are several other golf courses in the area, Bill was determined to make Etching Hill different. The venue offered a smaller and more intimate approach to the game and to the community. Part of this means limited membership, not in order to make the club needlessly exclusive but to keep the course tight-knit and community focused.

Etching Hill Golf Course is the perfect example of perseverance. Today the estate has 55 acres- still small by golf course standards but Etching Hill has everything you could need. There is a restaurant, cottage and wedding venue along with a breathtaking natural scenery. All it took was a man with a dream and 10 acres of land. 30 years later this place is a hit attraction for people all over the state. William Luger is the living proof that good things happen to those who wait and work hard to achieve their dreams.

We hope you come visit and see what Mr. Luger’s dream looks like!